Sunday, 21 March 2010

Welcome Spring

It was such a gorgeous warm morning I had to get my camera out and Marvin shared the warm sunshine with me.
Alert to all possibilities


'Arty' shot

A beautiful bumble bee

Musical accompaniment

'Turn up the volume please'

A Comma feeding on the winter heather

...and just too much for some.

We hope you have been able to enjoy some spring too.


marigold jam said...

That last photo is exactly the same position as your banner - must be his comfy pose? Lovely post Jill and those little flowers, birds, butterflies etc all meaning that spring has at last sprung. Isn't it wonderful?

Jane x

Sandra Hall said...

I love your photographic style Jill! You've captured a touch of Spring beautifully!

Leenie said...

All winners! Such a relief to feel the cold leaving the the colors arrive. Fun to finally see a photo of the feline portrayed in your header. Fine likeness.

Jane said...

Nothing like the colour of a ginger cat in the sun to make you feel spring is on its way. How lovely to see a butterfly, too.

Printed Material said...

How wonderful to see a Comma so early in the season. Hopefully one that managed its way through the terrible winter we've had. If it did, that gives me great hope for the summer ahead. Super photos as always- that cat is such a poser! Lesley

harmony and rosie said...

Love the picture of the comma, and lucky you for seeing one - I haven't in years and years! I love the light on the first photo too.

JP said...

can't believe the butterfly already!

Amelia said...

oh my, I need to do what your cat is doing at the end - sleep. Beautiful pictures and flowers.