Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Some more photographs

I am hoping to get a new sewing machine very soon, so I may not have much to blog whilst I get to know it, but in the meantime here are some more of my photographs. These have been cropped and tweaked - but only in Windows photo gallery, they make me realise how much I love my Nikon 80D SLR. I hope you like them too.
Overnight rain, morning sun

Spring russets

A welcome visitor - Seven spot Ladybird
(there were lots about)


collecting nectar is just  too much...

zzzz zzzz zzzz

(You can click on the photos for a real close-up)
I am giving my talk on  Sharpenhoe Clappers Thursday - it is all prepared. I feel a bit nervous as talking to adults is very different than teaching children. I'll let you know how I get on,  wish me luck.


Karen Blados said...

You take some amazing pictures!

My girl Punk just asked what the bee is doing and I said sleeping. "Why?" Because he's tired. "How do you know it's a he?" Because the queen stays at the hive and the boys do the work. "Oh, like you and dad." Somehow, that's not the turn I expected the conversation to take.

Amelia said...

good luck. I always find pretending I am some-one else (who doesn't mind!) helps.


Lizzie said...

Well, yes, of course I'll wish you luck! It can be a bit unnerving, talking to a group of folks you're not used to. At least you know you can stand up and make yourself heard/understood, so although it's not children, you can feel confident that you will be okay really, despite the nerves.
Also, you have an interesting subject to talk about, which should keep people listening.
Have fun!

BTW I think those are lovely photos. I would love to have such a spiffy camera, but I'll make do with my 8mpx point-and-shoot for now.
Well done though - Spring is really here, I think!

marigold jam said...

Love those photos Jill. You will find adults a doddle if you can deal with children. I used to teach adults and found it so much easier than with children as for a start they wouldn't be there in the first place if they didn't want to know what you are going to tell them so you don't have to actually motivate them in the same way before you can begin and secondly they are usually too polite to be disobedient and unruly as children might. I loved teaching adults and am sure you will enjoy the experience too.


Menopausal musing said...

If you love your subject you will be able to talk with passion about it. GOOD LUCK JILL.

Your photos are superb! I shall know what you are doing if/when you go quiet........ enjoy the new machine! :O)

AeFondKis said...

Good luck Jill, just share your passion and your audience will be enthralled!
Superb photographs!
Have a ball!
Linda x

Ticking stripes said...

Tune into a couple of friendly faces who will smile as your gaze rests on them - then you'll feel reassured and be able to go for it - works for me! Good luck!

webb said...

Wonderful photos. Either your courses are doing some good, or you have a lot of native talent. THanks for sharing.

You will be fine with your talk. They're just over-grown kids AND they WANT to be there! Could be a big difference. Enjoy.

flutterbycrafter said...

Beautiful photos, spring has arrived with you but not 'up north' yet, we've only got snowdrops and crocus out at the moment, mind you we are over 1000ft high. The daffs have decided it's not time to show their pretty faces yet, lol. Love your blog by the way.xx

Sandra Hall said...

Oh Jill, these photo's are absolutely wonderful. I felt really uplifted looking at them. You've captured such detail. I realise there aren't enough hours in a day for all I want to accomplish! (like learning how to take such fantastic photos amongst other things!)

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Wonderful photos Jill, as are the shots of the 'Sharpenhoe Clappers' (that's an unusual name). Good luck with the talk. Best wishes, Lesley

Printed Material said...

Good Luck for Thursday Jill. You just have to remember that they know nothing about your subject and that's why they've come to listen.They WANT to know what you have to say and I bet the time will whizz by and you'll soon be agreeing to another date to talk about getting the most out of your SLR camera!! Lesley

JP said...

all i can say is WOW!

harmony and rosie said...

Best of luck to you. Once you're under way it'll be a breeze I'm sure. Jill, your photos really are stunning, looking forward to seeing some more.



Good luck with the talk. Adults or Kids hmmmmmmm!