Sunday, 22 November 2009

Hi there

I'll be making my draw tomorrow and will be contacting the winners soon (I have a bit of a busy week coming up) - whether they think they are lucky will remain to be seen!
Meanwhile here is a water colour exercise done by my sister Janet she has posted on flickr. She is really pleased but is not very confident in her ability, so if you have moment and are registered with flickr please drop her a line by clicking here, she would be so chuffed to get some comments.

Janet's ivy leaves


Printed Material said...


Please pass my compliments on to Janet. Learning to appreciate your own work is sometimes harder than anything else but we have to have faith in our own ability and keep creating. We need to remember that the main person we're creating for is ourselves and as long as we're happy with something that's what matters most. I hope she keeps it up!

marigold jam said...

I have popped over to Flickr to leave a comment. I think your sister is very talented and I'd be thrilled if I could do something like that. Are there any more artists in your family?!

I am sure whoever wins your giveaway will be delighted with their prize - you too do some lovely artwork.


Menopausal musing said...

That looks like a beautiful piece of work from here......... I haven't (as yet) registered with Flickr, so will have to get my bottom into gear in order to look at it more closely... :O)

Barb said...

Your sister's ivy art looks very real are a talented pair indeed!