Monday, 23 November 2009

and the winners are ...

After a ceremonious draw by Mr T I declare the winners to be:
Printed Material

So as soon as I get your address I will be sending off your envelope. I am really excited as I will be posting to Thailand, Australia, Scotland, Wales and to my own county of Bedfordshire. Your three cards will be randomly selected as I am putting them in envelopes so I won't know who is getting what, except it will be one of each design.
You should be able to e mail me through my blog profile.
I am sure I shall do this again sometime as it such fun contacting people from all round the world - have a great week.


Duncan Astbury said...

Just saying thank you for this very kind gesture.

marigold jam said...

Well done all those winners. It is fun doing a giveaway isn't it? I have enjoyed putting together the bits for mine and wrapping them - bit like a Christmas stocking eh?!


Printed Material said...


Thank you so much for this. I've never won anything before and I am so excited. Cannot access your e mail I'm afraid so if you don't mind e mailing me I'll reply with my address. Hope that's OK.It's and I look forward to hearing from you.

Menopausal musing said...

Lucky, lucky winners.........Well done all of you, and thanks, Jill, for giving us all the opportunity to take part.

Lalabibaby said...

Whoopee I won something ..... thanks so much Jill .... now I have my own tiny little sanctuary for crafting I am going to put together an inspiration boards and guess what will be on it! My e-mail is
Thanks for the opportunity of entering your lovely giveway. x

aimee said...

congrats to the lucky winners! i love this about giveaways - it brings people together from all over the world!

thekathrynwheel said...

COngratulations to the lucky winners (and I don't mind saying I'm just a little bit
d-i-s-appointed :-( !!