Friday, 16 October 2009


Let me share this with you, I have been working on it, on and off for a couple of weeks;  paint, collage, colours pens etc.
I feel qute odd about creating images like this which are rather sentimental and decorative rather than what I consider to be 'real art'.  I love doing it, but feel very inhibited for somehow I feel it is less worthy than more serious work. This is my dilema - and it is self imposed, because I can do what I like, but I feel that out there are unknown critics who will laugh at me, does anyone know what I mean?  However the most important thing is I enjoy doing it and I hope you enjoy a view.
By the way - I love Autumn, especially when it is being as kind to us as this year.


marigold jam said...

Well I am not an art critic but I think it is fabulous - if I could produce something like that I'd be thrilled. Who says what is "real" art and what is not? Surely the whole idea of art is that you feel a desire to create something and if you are happy with it that is all that matters. The rest of us must decide for ourselves whether or not we like SHOULD be creating - if you want to do it then go ahead and do it. It's absolutely great.

Jane x

Gilly said...

Jill, I think this is lovely and I love all your sketches and drawings. They may not be 'high' art, but not everything we do has to conform to some sort of standard of art that says it's something difficult to access that you have to work to understand and that has to have deep underlying meaning. It's such a relief sometimes to see something that gives immediate pleasure and is beautifully crafted, as your collage does and is.

Any art that brings pleasure, either to the person making it or the person viewing it, is worth doing. I'd also make an analogy with fiction: while 'literary' fiction can be stimulating and fulfilling to read, it requires quite a bit of effort from the reader. Often, what we really want is a very well-written, rollicking good story, and that's what makes us happy at that moment. There's room for both and neither is necessarily better than the other - just different and satisfies different needs.

But I can empathise with how you feel - I often have ideas for photography that I imagine would be regarded as sentimental/self-indulgent/derivative/old-fashioned or whatever, and hesitate to put them out there for fear of being put down or laughed at. But really, who has the right to say that certain things are acceptable and others aren't?

Keep producing the goods as I, for one, love to see them. And my very favourite is the picture of Marvin in your blog heading.

Menopausal musing said...

I don't think anyone could put it better than Gilly just has. I also think that sometimes when we doubt the validity of our work, we need to take time to thank goodness that we have the ability to create within us. A lot of people don't have that.

Personally I am not a lover of Autumn..... It heralds a lack of colour in the garden and being inside more.

Grammy said...

I think it is beautiful. Art that is fun for you is rewarding in so many ways. It lets out your inner child of creativity. Like my wolf it just for fun. I am proud it turned out a bit 3 d. It is all learning and practice. Not every thing is a masterpiece. But every thing is still worthy of creation.
I think that is why so many are doing art journals now. The are freeing of the soul. And a joy to see. Have a wonderful week end.

Leenie said...

Jill: thanks for stopping by my blog. I've read down through your most recent posts and see we have many interests in common. I loved the story about the little one and the policman. :) As for your latest show and tell--I understand the guilt. I'm glad you are letting yourself loosen up and have a little fun. I'm going to have to work on that one myself. And I like the lovely lady with Autumn in her hair.