Sunday, 17 May 2009

OCA Photography 2: Landscape Assignment 3 - One Acre (Set 3)

1 Acre - Sharpenhoe Clappers - the last three

These last three pictures were chosen for detail. When walking on the Clappers I like to observe what is about in the hedgerows. Pictured are

  1. The seedheads of a wild clematis, Travellers Joy, also known as Old Man's Beard

  2. A Comma butterfly

  3. The woodland floor
old man's beard
1 acre - October  Comma
1 acre - still life

This final picture typifies the floor at the centre of the wood, littered with beechmasts, twigs and leaves and small chalky stones. The pigeon feather was a gift for the composition. Looking back over The Art of Photography projects made me realize how I had taken on board considerations such as the placements of points of interest in a composition when framing a shot like this.

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