Sunday, 17 May 2009

OCA Photography 2: Landscape Assignment 2 - One Acre

One Acre - Sharpenhoe Clappers (Set 2)
With this group of pictures, the aim was to depict different aspects of the interior of the chosen acre.
  1. This path is bordered by a high hedge and one emerges from the shady path into the open sunshine. I took several shots and waited some time for the right cloud formation. This one wasn't quite centred on the gap, but it was very windy and the clouds were moving and changing shape fast.
  2. In contrast this broad path is alongside a line of old beech trees, the high canopy at the edge of the trees let in the sun.
  3. Here there are much younger beech trees growing close which give a gloomy feel to the centre.
  4. The Clappers was left to the National Trust by a family in remembrance of brothers lost in the first world war. This rather bleak obelisk commemorates the gift.
1 acre - cloud
1 acre - beech trees

Young beeches
1 acre - monument

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