Sunday, 13 April 2014

Out today

We've had our new cat Mungo for three weeks now, so he has been let out today.
 Yesterday he was remarkably grumpy!!

Today he's very happy.

I have been a bit creative. 
At the Spectrum exhibition Gina Ferrari had a bag she had made. She inspired me to make one of my own using fabric scraps. I had embroidered the paisley shapes on pink felt ages ago and knew that one day I would have a project that suited them.

I did have to buy some fabric for a lining.

'Spectrum' had a day out to the V&A.  I took my new bag. We were on a mission to do some research.

I was interested in the iron work, but a lot of the pieces in cases were difficult to photograph.

It is many years since I've been to the V&A so it was all a bit overwhelming. I'll share what I've been up to as a result of our visit next time.
What beautiful weather we've been having. We've had to water the veg. 
 I do hope you have a good week. See you soon.


Julie said...

Mungo looks very happy in the garden. Your bag is lovely and I'm sure will be much admired. I've bought Gina's pattern so I will be getting round to making one too.

Maggi said...

It must seem like forever to them when we have to keep them indoors but he's looking very happy now. Love the bag.

JoZart said...

Jill, your bag is stunning and inspires me to make one similar but of my own design. Mungo is gorgeous and is certainly making himself at home. Great pics,
Jo x

Clare Wassermann said...

that one eyed cat - superb!!

Gina said...

I can testify that is one beautiful bag!

Printed Material said...

Jill, I have the pattern via Gina and although it will take me a long time to get going on the making, now I've seen yours I'm itching to do it - just don't hold your breath. Fab photo of the ironwork. I shall be intrigued to see what images you selected and filtered into your sketchbook or memory bank to take further.

Emma said...

Lovely bag & lucky Mungo. I love LS's work, such dynamism!