Monday, 18 February 2013

Still here

It has not been a good couple of weeks, although I'm more or less back to "normal",  Mr T has been stricken with the cough.  It has taken me a monumental heave to get myself out of a 'feeling sorry for myself' rut, but in the end self-pity is boring. Hopefully I shall be posting regularly again, if not frequently.  I'm still working on the appliqué module of my City and Guilds, and although I was looking forward to doing it, I have been totally uninspired, which of course, goes along with feeling unwell. I spent a lovely couple of hours with Maxine on Sunday at her little shop within The Olde Watermill at Barton Le Clay.  It is called the Artful Monkey and the link will take you to her Facebook page.  Maxine's enthusiasm is infectious, so I left her feeling a darn site brighter and ready to do some stitching. 

For my course I had to do a sample using applied bias strips.  I decided to buy some iron-on ready made bias tape.  Not cheap, but easy to use, and decided to have a go at interpreting this Klimt inspired sketch I had drawn on my iPad.  That kept me going when I had no energy for anything else. I posted this picture before.

Here is the ironed-on bias tape...

... and here it is with machine stitched quilting...

I painted on the spirals and hand appliquéd the little squares, not something I was very good at. Something this small, less than in inch, would be better ironed on.
I'm going to doing lots of hand stitched embellishment now.
I'm also determined to revitalize my Etsy shop, Jillymade.  I have added a few items, and hopefully will be adding more soon.  I need a really good photography session first.

A little paper and felt box.

Some needle cases

An organza party purse.

I seem to have gained a couple of extra followers lately, but I should think you'll abandon me if I don't get my act together and post something worth looking at.  Thank you for popping by... I'll be back soon.  Have a good week.


Heloise said...

Being creative is a great way to lift ones spirits. Lovely drawing from your iPad.

Maggi said...

The Klimt piece has worked well. Glad that you are starting to feel revitalised again.

Rae Ann said...

Beautiful work. I hope you feel a lot better soon.
Rae Ann O.

ju-north said...

Hope you'll feel 100% soon. Your work is always lovely to look at - I'm sure bloggers don't judge whether or not a post is worth the look. We can all identify with 'the journey'!

Joanna said...

Love the Klimt inspired iPad work - and how you've developed it in stitching.

Hopefully the few rays of Spring sunshine we've been having will help to lift your spirits.


Printed Material said...

Jill,sorry you've been feeling crappy. Never underestimate how much coughs and colds - ours or our spouses - knocks the stuffing out of us. Sounds like you're bouncing back though and the machine stitching is great on the Klimt inspired piece. Have you found the enthusiasm for the applique too? Hope so as I love to see what you are doing in the C&G.

Emma said...

Looking fablous, you're worth the wait, so don't stress ;) My Etsy could do with a kick up the jacksie too!