Saturday, 19 January 2013

A mixed bag

It's been an odd week. Snow doesn't help, we're just not used to it.
I seem to have spend an awful lot of time staring out of the window at the birds.  A flock of Fieldfares has totally stripped the cotoneaster of berries and so our half a dozen or so blackbirds have had to resort to other tactics.  Tried to capture this behaviour with the camera but it is impossible without camping out in a hide!!!
The blackbird is getting better as balancing on the feeder, but it is just too big. I have never seen a blackbird attempting to use a feeder before.

Marvin rarely ventures out beyond the nearest convenient bush. But just before the snow, last weekend I got fed up with him not eating his cat food so put it out for the magpies, all of a sudden he found it tasty. (He is on a strict diet, and eats his 'pellets' reluctantly)

He is still a favourite subject for iPad drawing.

 I spaced dyed some tulle in the microwave using disperse dyes in a jam jar.

 Started a bit of appliqué.

 Started another bit of shadow appliqué.
and then started another piece... all waiting for some hand stitching to fulfil my City and Guilds brief.

I have experimented drawing on the iPad trying to create different styles.

I also spent several hours with Joanne photographing her wonderful textiles for her web site here.
Her Harris tweed bags are a real treat.

But mostly this week I feel as if I have been asleep!

Fingers crossed for next week's weather.  My sister is off to New Zealand on Wednesday for a once in a life time trip. It's a long story, but it is her first holiday for many, many years and she really deserves a good time.  We are just hoping it gets off to a good start with no weather hold ups this end.
I hope you have a good week.


Eileen said...

That looks like a pretty impressive week's achievement to me. I love the drawing of the blackbirds, and the iPad ones - especially those of Marvin.

I hope your sister has a wonderful time in NZ.

flutterbycrafter said...

Such wonderful work, beautiful

Emma said...

Lots of lovely bits & pieces & still some time for sleep! Great pics of the tweed. I had a chance to look inside that book on your sidebar, Kim's Experimental Textiles while at college Friday, quite delicious. ;)

Printed Material said...

If that's your version of a quiet week..... I am really enjoying these iPad drawings Jill. That last one of Marvin has a beautiful airbrushed quality to it and you seem to be getting even better at it. Like you I have never seen a blackbird trying to get onto a feeder. We are inundated with them this week as well as song thrushes and jays coming to find an extra meal. Why is it that I love all the birds and feed them with abandon but begrudge those grey squirrels and rabbits even a morsel?

ju-north said...

Love having this glimpse into your life! You do such interesting things. Here we are also looking through glass at the (deep) snow whilst struggling with winter colds. Good job we had the flu jabs!

menopausalmusing said...

We have been delighted with the birds this week. Long tailed tits in abundance, but yet to see goldfinches despite having bought niger seed...

Loving your i pad work. My favourite is that top one of Marv. Marv is an absolute star.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Your iPad art is impressive (did you see David Hockney using one for drawing on Country File?)
Anne x

Anna said...

I'm amazed at how busy you are - that's a quiet week??? I really like the iPad sketches, what fun, and the applique work. Unusual blackbird! I was amused by a pheasant under my bird feeder and a wren nearby in a bush, quite a contrast in size!

Maggi said...

You certainly have been busy. Very impressed with the iPad drawings. My blackbirds launch themselves at the fat ball feeders - they can't get at the other feeders w ith all the other birds in front of them in the queue.