Monday, 2 January 2012

A Happy Creative New Year

Happy New Year to You

Here is my new calendar page - looking rather plain, and below are my December pages.

This is my third year of keeping a diary in this form. Kate here is hosting the 2012 366 challenge so visit there if you want to join in.  I love keeping a diary this way and although it looks involved, it isn't.  You need to find half an hour or so to prepare your page.  I cut 4cm squares and glue them on a double A4 page.  As you can see my background for January is fairly simple with colour washes.  Filling in the little squares needn't be done everyday - I often fill several at a time adding the little drawings and colour when I have time.  Some entries are just a couple of words or even a doodle.  I must say I love looking back over my previous pages and they have resolved several arguments about when we had done something.

 I have been finding time to do something creative every day even if it is just filling in my calendar.

Here are my latest pages in the Design Matters sketchbook project based on my little owl paperweight.

This one is bordered with the little lino cut I made and features a cut-out that opens onto the page below.

The right hand page was created by using a gold oil pastel to take rubbings of leaves on brown paper and flooding the paper with watercolour.

This page features a pocket for holding all the little samples and bits related to the owl.  I have used a larger  
lino cut I made based on a paisley pattern that was on a supermarket Indian dinner box.
The sheets  below were created by rubbing the lino cut with wax crayons or oil pastel.

My favourite technique is using gold oil pastel on brown paper as I did on the owl page above.  It gives a beautiful rich finish.

I am in the middle of my next project, so watch this space.  I am also working back through the book enhancing the pages with additional techniques.  It is a new notion for me, as previously my sketchbooks have more or less been a chronological record of my thought processes and learned techniques, whereas with this one it will a single piece of artwork.

I have reached the last Module of the Design Matters Creative Sketchbook Course and now I am seriously considering signing up for Creative Quiltmaking, which is a City and Guilds course, next. 

I now need to devote some time to commenting on your blogs - I have managed to peek at them, but I hope you'll understand,  I am on a creative wave and I need to ride it as long as it's with me!

I do wish you all the best for 2012  and look forward to sharing what you have been doing.


Susan D said...

WOW you have worked quickly I'm only just finishing Module 1. A happy and creative 2012 to you.

Gina said...

You put me to shame Jill. I've not done anything creative in weeks and I'm still struggling through module one.

patcrafts said...

Pleased to see you are carrying on with the art calendar, I know you were thinking of not taking part this year.
I love your little owl art work, I collect Royal Crown D paper weights but I don't have this cute little fella.x

Joanna said...

Your calendar helped me to decide to do one myself (I'll post it tomorrow). I love the colour wash look you've used for January.

Your owl pages are so gorgeous I could eat them (ok, not really but you know what I mean!), it's so interesting to see how you have developed the design - particularly the lino cut.

Enjoy that creative wave!


thekathrynwheel said...

Ooh I'm so glad you are still doing your art calendars - always lovely to see :-) you have inspired so many of us to do this. December looks fab all filled in. Like you, I too have solved arguments using my calendar! Here's to a great 2012!

Anesha said...

Love your pages. Wonderful colours.

WrightStuff said...

I always love my visits here. Keep up the good work through 2012 :)


Happy new year Jill ... I hope it is a good one for us all and that your calendar is filled with nice things all year ... Carolyn xx

flutterbycrafter said...

Happy New Year and a big thank you for all your lovely comments you left me last year, so encouraging. I just love all your little drawings, it makes me want to do it, I've tried but they just look as though a 3 year old has done them. I think I'm going to take a drawing class this year. All your work is so inspirational and I love your owl. xx

Clare Wassermann said...

I just wanted to say I've loved every minute of your blog and look forward to it. Thank you for sharing so much. I'm only on module two - I need to devote some time when the children are back at school.
I am seriously thinking of doing my diary in your style because I stopped in August with my full on journal - I can't keep up that level as well as the sketchbooks course.
At least your way I'll have a note of each day.

Can you tell me the size of journal you use?

Menopausalmusing said...

Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful work this year Jill. x

ju-north said...

Hope I might get some splashes from your wonderful creative wave!

Printed Material said...

Ride the wave Jill as this is only going to get better and better in the months ahead. I think Creative Quiltmaking would combine all the disciplines you enjoy so I look forward to seeing what happens next!

Su said...

Happy New Year - may it be filled with lots of creating!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Jill, I just love your embellished lino printed papers - they really work. x

harmony and rosie said...

Beautiful work, as ever, I do like the paisley from your supermarket take-away .. It would make some lovely fabric!
Happy New Year to you all.
Kate x

Heloise said...

Happy New Year. Enjoy your creative wave may it last all year.

MILLY said...

Happy New Year Jill. Glad to hear you are enjoying a very creative time, hope it continues through 2012. I love seeing all your projects.

Craphty said...

Love your little drawing on your december squares looking forward to seeing your january ones.

Chrissie said...

Happy New Year Jill! This is so inspiring and joyful - good luck with your next project and can't wait to see the results.

dianehobbit said...

You really work hard on your journal, so much detail on your blocks each day.

Emma said...

Great calendar, fabulous owl pages! I found the free video on 'inspiration' at Design Matters really useful. When I retire I'll invest in DM & all the 'back issues'!

papillon said...

love your take on the callendar challenge! and the journal page with the cut out is awesome!

Anna said...

I love your calendar and sketchbook pages Jill, you're so busy being creative; makes me feel lazy!

Amelia said...

such a great idea! And looking forward to seeing more projects in 2012 :)


Linda said...

Sorry I've been 'missing' for a while Jill, but I've just been catching up with all your sketchbook work and its much variety in techniques and ideas. Inspirational!
You must be really pleased with what you've achieved up to now.
Hope 2012 is another happy and creative year!

Sonia said...

Hello Jill
I find your site while visit Kathy's Blog (Kate Crane).
Wow! love what you did.. absolutely BEAUTIFUL and very inspirational.
I will start soon my calendar page.
Your follower!! :-)