Monday, 11 July 2011

Still here

June was frantic and the first week of July busy too, and now I feel all in the doldrums - without any wind in my sails, rather than fed-up. 
 I finished my little boat I made from Ann Wood's pattern here.
I made the boat ages ago, but have been waiting for inspiration for the sail.  My upcycled plastic bag bunting provided me with the inspiration I needed so I was able to hang it up as part of the decorations for our party.
 Ann has some very pretty ones for sale.
Meanwhile last week I went to the Isle of Wight for a couple of days to stay with my Dad.  It is not far, but it takes ages as the ferry crossing adds an hour and a half to the journey. My sister will be moving onto the mainland later in the summer, so it may have been my last visit to her bungalow. She lives in Gurnard so we had lunch at the beach cafe and took a stroll along the seafront. It was very windy and I wasn't feeling very inspired.

 The beach huts which I have photographed several times.

The sun catching these sails really made them stand out - it was so blustery it was hard to stand steady enough to get a good shot.
And here our a few shots from our 'do'.  Luckily the weather held out, and although it wasn't that warm, we managed to stay outside 'till midnight.  I failed to photograph the spread,  thank you to Sainsbury's and Heather who made veggie bites and some wonderful little desserts.  And I failed to snap Marvin who helped himself from the buffet when we were all outside -  I had to clip the covers on the platters with clothes pegs!

 Everyone said they enjoyed themselves, and Mr T had friends there going back to his school days.

 Mr T rigged up speakers in the garden and had lined up suitable music.  We warned our neighbours we would be outside till late, but Sara from next door said she could hardly hear us from indoors, so we didn't keep her little ones awake! I think she had a little smile to herself about us 'oldies' having a good time.
 Strange how everyone congregated round the 'bar' - can't think why.  It made an alternative to the kitchen.
Luckily our friend Dave who does a lot of wedding photography took charge of my camera and managed to get portraits of nearly everyone. That is Dave on the bottom row reading the Sunday paper next morning.
I had to sneak Mr T from our recent self portrait as he got missed out - and yes that is me second from the end - I wish I could remember what was so funny.
I've nothing much up my sleeve at the moment but I am hoping inspiration will return soon.  Meanwhile I have a couple of projects that need finishing and I may give myself a couple of 'exercises' to do, (that is the textile sort - not physical, in case you were wondering,) which will fulfill my aim of just doing something. Postman's Knock is great for keeping the creativity ticking over - I've got a few ideas for my next topic, so I won't be idle for long.
Have a good week - I am gradually catching up with everyone.


ju-north said...

Pleased the 'do' went well! Funny how you still feel young inside!

Menopausalmusing said...

Wonderful newsy post and so lovely to hear that everything went as it should apart from Bad Boy Marvin - reading about him made me howl with laughter.......... what is it about elderly cats and stealing food? Oh and of course it's okay to take the photos of your lovely card from my blog. If you want any more then feel free to ask... I am off now to click on your link re making a boat.....

Su said...

Looks a lovely "do". I'm so pleased I'm not the only one who has a cat who thinks it is totally acceptable to help themselves to food from the table!

flutterbycrafter said...

So pleased your do went well, everyone looks to be having a good time, love the boat, very colourful xx

Eileen said...

Hi Jill, glad to hear all is well with you (I was starting to wonder as you are usually such a regular poster). I am sorry that I didn't make it up to your sale this time - hopefully sometime soon though. Love the festive boat, and the party looks full of sunshine and happiness. Looking forward to seeing where inspiration takes you next!

harmony and rosie said...

So glad to hear that everything went so well, your boat is just brilliant.

I can just imagine Marvin helping himself, that's so sweet!

Jane said...

Glad Marvin enjoyed the party - looks like everyone was having a great time in the garden.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Lovely pics Jill, glad the 'do' went well. I love the boat and the sails - been looking at the recycling of plastic bags in Cloth, Paper Scissors and getting inspired. I did start a bag using them some time ago, but have now got a few with a bit more colour, so will have another go.
Anne x

Printed Material said...

Glad you had a lovely party. Smiled at the bit about the 'oldies' having fun and staying out till midnight! Good luck with finding the 'creativity' gene again. Thank heavens for Postmans Knock to keep us going until inspiration hits us again! Lesley x

Printed Material said...

Glad you had a lovely party. Smiled at the bit about the 'oldies' having fun and staying out till midnight! Good luck with finding the 'creativity' gene again. Thank heavens for Postmans Knock to keep us going until inspiration hits us again! Lesley x

Emma said...

Glad your do went well.

Thanks for your helpful comment re my twig - I know what you mean - I love the expression 'twiggier twig'!I'll have a rummage thru the collection.

Linda said...

Would love to have been at your 'bit of a do'- the photo montage is brilliant! (Great necklace!)
As for Marvin...Peachy says 'nice one' :-)

Joy said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time together.