Sunday, 29 May 2011

The tip of the iceberg

When Lesley of Printed Material suggested posting photographs of any collections we may have, my immediate thought was "I suppose I could get a few bits together" without really thinking that my house is actually full of collections! My husband came with a few when I married him, so I had to start one or two of my own to fight for a corner of the house before I was overwhelmed. He came with lots of old tins, beer mats, some old bottles and lots of odd packages, an enormous library and an extensive record collection.  Over the years our collections have grown and I thought to introduce you I would go on a 'shopping trip' round the house and make a visit to the chemist.

 I'll unpack for you

First of all you ladies may like to get ready for a day out.

I had some eye lash curlers in the 60's, can't remember how much they cost, but these were 5s..11d. that's nearly 30p to you.

If you intend travelling you may need Mylol insect repellent or Glacier skiers' suncream.

Always good to have fresh breath and emergency toothache tincture.

Your first aid kit should have some plasters...

and if you over do it, you may need one of these

I think these are smelling salts, but it says on the bottle to take 20 drops in water (But not in the case of haemorrhage.)
Most of these have been found by my mother-in-law from her own bathroom cabinet or WI jumble sales.
Now what shall I photograph next?

My card for postman's Knock this week was for Lesley on the theme of Taking Flight.  At the beginning of the challenge Yuri Gagarin was in the news as it was the 50th anniversary of his flight which I remember . In the 60's and 70's space flight seem to offer endless possibilities and those first pioneers were so brave.  I can remember standing in the garden on the night of the moon landing in 1969 looking at the moon and just being 'blown away' by the thought that men were standing on it.

The card with the little boy dressed as an astronaut was one from our archives - a promotion for a 1995 Loudon Wainwright iii album. Great to find one that matched one of our themes.

This is the lovely card I got from Gina. Immaculate machine embroidery and a great image of chickens.  I can just here them clucking and muttering to themselves.


Joanna said...

Fantastic collection, Jill! I adore those old labels.

The postcards, both given and received, are wonderful. My next postcard to do is 'Tea', and I haven't got a clue! That's what I love about this Postcard Swap, the themes are really making me THINK. Ouch, it's been a while!

Have a great week.

JoZart said...

An interesting walk down memory lane there! Ah yes! I remember everything so well...just wish prices were as cheap.
JoZarty x

flutterbycrafter said...

Oh dear, I remember some of these, makes me feel really old, lol. Love the chicken piece from your friend, its gorgeous. xx

Jane Housham said...

Ah, wonderful collection -- thank you for sharing it. I'm glad the collecting bug is spreading (alongside the Blogger bug -- not so great). More more!

marigold jam said...

Fancy you having all those still! I do remember many of the items - scary isn't it when stuff of museum age is stuff you remember?!

Love the card too.

Jane said...

Oh several of those items lokk very familiar - my older sister used to buy tins of quikies and I loved the smell. Zubes were pretty horrid though as far as I can remember.

Emma said...

Thanks you for your lovely comment - I'll tell you a secret, they are casually put together! I spend an age thinking when I should just do, then I'm 'in a hurry' & things go wrong, thread breaking, being called for supper etc!But i love it!

Love your collections, (no wonder you chose him!) All I managed was a half tin of Bayer asprin ;) Great pcs.

Menopausal musing said...

Great collection. My mum used to buy Quickies for the holidays. Part way on the long journey to Scotland she would turn round, hand the tin into the back of the car and tell ourselves to "freshen up"......

Printed Material said...

Jill, I love that packet of ear plugs. Muffles is such a great brand name. I also remember using Quickies and there was something in one of yhe photos that looked just like some toothpaste we had as children. It was called Gibbs Dentifrice and came in a circular tin. It was pink and solid and tasted lovely. I was always cleaning my teeth just for a taste! Great collection. I'm off to look for my tin of boil plasters! Lesley

Gina said...

Love all that old packaging (despite remembering much of it!)Your rust postcard for Sue is gorgeous... I'm struggling with ideas for that one.