Sunday, 20 February 2011

Another week, another project!

This week I have been mainly machine stitching. On Tuesday I went to the first session of my Machine Embroidery for Beginners with Marian Murphy at Art Van Go. Although I have picked some basic ideas from books and video clips it was brilliant to have a whole day with an expert. We played around with different tensions and threads and just practised free machining.  We then went through a couple of design processes. Marian's design book was an inspiration in itself and made me want to be more disciplined in developing ideas.   But knowing what a butterfly brain I am,  I don't hold much hope!  However the practice gave me the confidence to infil the petals and background on my daffodil book with machine embroidery.
I want to embellish it a bit more with some more hand stitching and beads as I want it to be quite 'rich'. I also prepared the inner pages today, tearing them to shape and leaving them stewing in a lovely Brusho mix of yellows and green. Unwrapping the pages is a treat and a surprise - I will try to remember to photograph them, but as it is a messy process the camera is usually well out of the way.

At the workshop Marian flipped through my 'doodle/ideas' sketchbook I had taken with me and spotted this doodle and said it was the sort of thing that could be translated into stitching so I thought I woudl have a go.

I traced off the face onto tissue to transfer the outline and then just tried to use the needle like a pen.

I was pleased with the result and could see its potential. I just need to apply these ideas instead of going off on another tangent. Here are some details.

I chose a few favourite areas and created a collage

I was pleased with the colours - I just had to work with what I had got, but feel there is potential for development.  There is a couple of weeks between the workshop sessions, so plenty of time to work up a few ideas.

Meanwhile here are some waxed papers I was working on. I may have a go at a couple more boxes/pencil pots!

On the homefront I have managed to wear my new shoe inserts all day and walk to the corner shop for the paper. It just feels like a hard ball of cotton wool in my shoe instead of a pebble, so things are improving ( I have given my feet the day off today) and Marvin the cat continues to live with his diabetes with no immediate problems.  Mr T is cataloguing his entire CD collection (He has hundreds/thousands) which is keeping him quiet. A walk round the garden in the grey dampness this morning revealed a few buds on the verge of bursting, so a bit of sunshine this week would really be good.
  Whatever you are doing I hope the sun shines for you, have a good week.


marigold jam said...

How wonderful to be able to go to lessons at Art van Go Jill. I did a one day free machine embroidery day locally last year and enjoyed it no end but I don't think my machine is the best being a very basic one and I haven't pursued it any further I am afraid. I love your daffodil book and can imagine the covers when complete with beads and hand stitching etc giving it a really luxurious 3D effect. Look forward to seeing more of your machine sketching too - well worth going further with I'd say.

Glad Marvin is OK and that your shoe insert is feeling slightly better. I tried on a pair of Clarks shoes last week with lots of little bubbles in the sole supposed to be good for the circulation but I didn't like it at all so a big pebble must be horrible!

Glad too that Mr T is going on OK and keeping out of your way!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and I look forward to seeing what you've been up to next week!

Jane x

JoZart said...

For a beginner you are free machining and painting with that needle as if you've done it for years. Excellent beautiful results. I look forward to seeing more.
JoZarty x

flutterbycrafter said...

Your machine stitching is marvellous, and the face is fantastic, you must have so much patience. Glad to hear that the feet are starting to improve, that Marvin is coping and Mr T has found something to keep him busy, lol x

WrightStuff said...

Your work is incredible! Did you watch Kirsty Allsopp on TV a while ago. She fell in love with machine embroidery too.

Menopausal musing said...

Jill, that collage is just wonderful! Looks like you are "on a roll"........ :O)

Clare Wassermann said...

That is wonderful thread painting and I like the idea of splitting it into a mosaic - effective. Roll on Spring hey?

Printed Material said...

I love the collage and can see that machine stitching will now be added to your arsenal of talents. You are so lucky to have Art Van Go near enough to take advantage of their workshops. Keep going like you are and you'll soon be delivering them yourself!! Lesley

Ticking stripes said...

Wow Jill - I can't keep up with you. Just catching up on this and previous post and can see that you've been incredibly busy! Love what you are doing!

Emma said...

Strikes me you could be the teacher! Tension is a mystery to me - one day I'll get down to AVG!

Love the daff stitching.

Linda said... are so good at this! I really like the stitched portrait - I think you're on to a winner.

JP said...

clever you to have achieved so much in just one day - you're a natural!!!!!!!!


Jill you must so pleased with your machine embroidery ... it's wonderful! Love your spring header too. Happy weekend x