Thursday, 24 June 2010

What do you think?

Last Saturday I posted this picture which was a manipulated picture I took of the sea.  I felt it would be a good stimulous for a piece of embroidery, so I had a go and came up with this.

It is worked on a piece of A5 sized pelmet vilene which I coloured first with some transfer dye. I then loosely appliqued on some fabric and yarns and then went mad with the free  sewing-machine embroidery which was great fun. I then added some hand stitching with metalic thread and beads to add some sparkle. I was pretty pleased with the effect.

click image for a close-up
What next?
Despite having some success recently I am feeling in a strange mood.  I feel I am not quite enjoying my creativity at the moment. I have quite a few projects on the go and I am managing to do something most days, but I feel like a headless chicken. I have lost my sense of humour and have been very grumpy with Mr T. He is due in hospital next month for surgery. Nothing very serious, but we are both feeling a bit anxious as he has a very fat file at the hospital!   Perhaps I should allow myself a few days of not doing any arty stuff.
I know you lovely people will say 'there, Jill it is all right' and that is what I need right now. I value my 'bloggy' friends highly, so bear with me through the grumps,


marigold jam said...

Jillk that's brilliant - what I had in mind when I started my measley little tapestry!! You certainly seem to have taken to that machine embroidery like the proverbial duck to water.

Sorry to hear you are finding things difficult just now - don't beat yourself up over it nor feel that others have it worse etc. Wish there was something we could do to help but if being here for you helps then count me in!


Jean Lennon said...

I like it- my problem sometimes is what do you do with these experimental fun things. Jean from Bedford

webb said...

The embroidery IS wonderful - so full of life.

You know, part of our role as wives/lovers/friends is that caregiving thing - and it's hard. Sometimes I think the little things that go on day after day may be harder to bear over the long term than the sudden big ones that one just has to muscle thru and do. No doubt you are worried about the upcoming surgery - and probably are burying it. Perhaps simply telling the world about it will have already helped. If not, we are out here, Jill, and ready to help however we can. Consider yourself hugged - many times!

Sandra Hall said...

Jill, I'm glad you have this blog to 'vent' and let out some of the difficult everyday life stuff that builds up.
I just want to encourage you, by telling you that your blog is extraordinairy. I love seeing how you develop your creativity - you always seem to show us the path you've taken - like how your photograph inspired you to create this FANTASTIC stitching art. Keep snatching those odd times to yourself and please keep creating your exceptional pieces of work!
x x

flutterbycrafter said...

I agree with everything that Sandra has said. this work is truly inspirational.

Menopausal musing said...

Keep making that time for yourself and continue to make and "do". Hope by the time you read this that things are feeling better. I clicked on the images and they really are beautiful.

Jane said...

Love the embroidery Jill.
I know just what you mean - I often get that headless chicken feeling, and the need to clear my head. Having the house empty and to myself would be wonderful but it isn't going to happen. I sometimes feel that I put myself under too much obligation even with my own projects which are supposed to be a pleasure. I've just, deliberately, given myself a few days off - I can't get out of the caring and the daily routine but I've tried not to feel I must be thinking about filling my time, using up that fabric, finishing such and such. As a result I've been out more and done some other things and it has helped, even if I don't have anything concrete to show for it.

Vivien said...

Really lovely embroidery - looks like a painting, and the colours are redolent of the feeling of the mysterious depths of the sea.

Amelia said...

Ah - v stressful. I always find a nice walk at times like this really helps for some reason . . . . as for your work it is beautiful and the colours are amazing! :)


Lizzie said...

I also love the embroidery - it looks like a painting in thread and fabric.
We all have "off" spells with our creativity - you seem to have plenty of reason for your "grumps" and I'm sure you've got everyone's sympathy just now. We can wait for you to "get over the grumps"!
Meanwhile I hope you find some nice ways to relax; best wishes to you and Mr T.

harmony and rosie said...

Your textile is gorgeous, it is so like the photo and when I clicked on it I could really see the waves, you are clever Jill.

I always get grumpy when I'm anxious about something and I sympathise with both you and poor Mr T. If you're not enjoying your creativity then perhaps you should take time out for a short while otherwise it'll feel like a chore. Not too long though, we'd miss you! Be kind to yourselves.

Eileen said...

I think the embroidery works very well Jill. Loved the original picture too.

Sorry things aren't going so well just now and am sure you're right to just allow yourself to take a break for a while.

Hope all goes well at the hospital and look forward to hearing from you soon.