Wednesday, 30 June 2010

A new month

Where did June go?
 It is hard to ignore the passage of time when you are filling these in, but I started last July and I must say I enjoy looking back at what I wrote.
Here is July 2010.
I hope you like my new Blog layout. This way I can post larger photographs, it was quite easy with the new design tab.
Here is something I have been thinking about for some time. I did a page in my journal last year devoted to swifts, but I wasn't quite happy with it so I thought I would have another go. Some of the dyed paper I made earlier in the week was just the background I was looking for. It is not a great piece of art, more a poster, but it expresses how I feel about swifts, they speak for themselves.
I learned some new facts about Swifts from this BTO page.

  • In spells of bad weather Swifts can foray for food hundreds of miles away from their nesting sites so those on the south coast could be feeding in northern central France.

  • Their eggs can survive long periods of chilling while the parent birds are away.

  • Young birds can also survive chilling to the point of torpor, reviving quickly when the parents return with food.

  • The young can survive up to three weeks without food whereas adults swifts become weak after starving for two or three days and usually die after four days without food.

  • Swifts are related to humming birds.

Swift lino print

I already knew;

  • Swifts sleep and mate on the wing.

  • When they leave the nest they have one chance to fly as they cannot take off from the ground and will then be airborne for three or four years until they raise their own family.
I find the life of these birds which grace us with their presence every year truly wonderful, and if I were to have to choose an animal existence it would have to be a Swift for me


Jane said...

It's hard to imagine that they never touch the ground at all in three or four years - sounds so exhausting. Love the poster - such a great shade of blue.

marigold jam said...

Love the new blog layout and the new journal pages. I don't think I'd like to be a swift - the thought of flying 100s of miles for something to eat and leaving my children alone at home till they nearly froze doesn't appeal at all. No, I'd rather be a cat and spend my life like Marvin no doubt does!! But it was interesting to learn all that about them.

Jane x


Printed Material said...

I never mastered the old layour that well but I might now have a look at the new designs as I like yours very much. Just come home from a trip to Shropshire and back today and I couldn't believe the number of times I saw swifts on the journey. There seem to be more this year or maybe I'm like you and more focussed on looking for them. Your calendar is another reminder that the year is racing round. I'm with you - where did June go? Lesley x

Heloise said...

I had no idea that swifts stayed airborne for so long. Your journal pages are so vibrant.

patcrafts said...

Love the new blog layout, I changed mine a couple of weeks ago very similar to yours, easy to read.
The art calendar pages are so colourful, the backgrounds are wonderful. I really like your Swift poster too.
Pat xx

Sandra Hall said...

I like the new look blog very much and I'm experimenting too although fearful of making a mistake and obliterating everything!
I love your swift 'poster' - that's what I am beginning to appreciate about journaling - the fact that we can create whatever art our mood dictates and your swift page is almost poetical in its content!
Your journal pages are lovely too, my July backgroung contains a similar pink! Don't they look different when all the journal blocks are complete? You have made a great job of all the little drawings especially that snail! (How do YOU control them btw?)

Menopausal musing said...

Lovely layout. Glad you kept the same header, it is the most beautiful of photographs. A treat to read all your "doings" in June. Like Lesley, I find it hard to believe half a year has gone again. Thanks for the info on swifts...... they are just fascinating creatures to watch, aren't they?

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

You're not alone in wondering where June went, Jill! I love swifts too and admire both pieces of your swift inspired artwork. Best wishes, Lesley.

Amelia said...

you do such lovely and varied arty things so often . . . . lovely. thank you for the facts about swifts.