Monday, 10 May 2010

Come into My Garden

I thought I'd show you what I had been doing in the "Come into my Garden" book I had started at the Frances Pickering workshop, just to show I am not a total flipperty-jibbert and can see an idea through (that is my image of myself, not yours, by-the-way. Well it might be, but you are too polite to say so) .

This double page spread with the little half page, uses one of the vintage  flower labels my sister gave me.

I have been collecting garden and flower quotations.
The flowers are all mine, but the butterflies are customised scanned images from a chart.
I was a bit disappointed with the book to begin with, but it is beginning to take on some character now. I may well add a bit more to some of the pages.

The sun was out this morning so I managed to cut the grass and do a bit of tidying up in the garden, so much nicer than housework!
Hope your week is going well, Jill


marigold jam said...

It's really lovely Jill. Let the housework go hang - it's much more interesting to do some crating and gardening and who ever said at the end of their life "I wish I'd done more housework"?!!

I feel inspiration coming over me having seen this so once I have read my library books and know a bit more who knows?!!


webb said...

I LOVE your book. It's truly lovely. Keep hoping to find time to try something like it, but truthfully am trying to spend every spare minute outside now. perhaps I should just start a a "to do" list for November.

And I just noticed your slideshow. That's neat!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

The book's lovely, so bright and pretty, with so many interesting textures.

I agree with you Jill, tidying the garden on a sunny day is so much more enjoyable than tidying the house! Bfn, Lesley

Lalabibaby said...

It's beautiful Jill ... the colours and words come together to make a really cheerful book. x

Leenie said...

Not only will you have a treasure when you finish but you will have learned so much. Nice work.

Printed Material said...

This is beautiful. I love the cover and the best thing is that it is has your 'hand' in it rather than being all scanned images - which would be my limit I'm afraid . It's going to be very special when it's finished - and so much nicer to do than the housework! Lesley

Menopausal musing said...

Absolutely beautiful! I just LOVE the cheery, bright colours.......

I also love the "flipperty-jibbert" reference... lovely playful words and I found myself putting them together like this: "Flippery-Jibbert and Jezebel..."


Emma said...

Thanks for your lovely comment & welcome to my blog! I remember coming across your walled garden journal & loved it. As for your garden book, it's gorgeous! Imagine getting to do a workshop with FP! I WILL make a book of my garden!!!

harmony and rosie said...

I can't think why you'd be disappointed with it, I think it's incredible.

Have a lovely day
Kate x

Heloise said...

Thank you for the kind comments that you left on my blog. Your garden book is beautiful. I love all the vibrant colours that you have used.

JP said...

I ove the garden book - is it a fabric cover and paper pages?

Catharina Maria said...

I love this garden book !
Beautiful colors .
love ♥RINI♥