Thursday, 8 April 2010

Spring has sprung

I've been busy today with some routine jobs this morning and in the garden this afternoon. It is very satisfying that a bit of judicial pruning and tidying up can make the garden look so much better, and fire up my enthusiasm. So here are a few photographs from my archives to match my mood.

There are dozens of seven spot ladybirds sunning themselves in the garden and I've not spotted one of the dreaded alien Harlequin invaders which smothered my philadelphus last year (but put paid to the black-fly I may add)

The daffs and tulips tone in well with my Carlton china

Just pretty
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Amelia said...

your images are stunning and colourful. I love the one of the ladybird on the gorgeous colour of the watering can!


marigold jam said...

Lovely pictures all of them. That watering can one though - must be able to use that in a design of some sort and the colours are beautiful too - wish I could paint!

It only needs a bit of sunshine to get us all in the tidying up mode doesn't it? Have been sorting out the shed this afternoon as well as a bit of gardening.

Jane x

Menopausal musing said...

Do you know, I was only commenting today how many ladybirds I had seen today in our garden? I also commented that they didn't appear to be the dreaded Harlequins. Lovely photo of the watering can rose, I love the noise of metal watering cans against concrete or stone... Does that sound daft?

Lalabibaby said...

It has been the most glorious day hasn't it?? Birds singing, bees buzzing and I've been tidying up the patio and sorting out some old plant pots ready for re-planting. I love your Carlton ware too ... would love to collect it but just don't have the space. Here's to a few more days like today x

MILLY said...

Jill, What lovely creative pieces you are producing. I just read about your new machine, I also got a Brother last year, I recognise some of the stitches.
Your photographs are beautiful too. I love ladybirds, not seen any yet, nice to see one in your gorgeous photo.

Heavens2Betsy said...

Pretty! No just about it for me. Your blog is a delight x

Leenie said...

Lovely flowers and a fun photo of the watering can. You're a few weeks ahead of us weather-wise. Oh, heck--we are just a month or so behind the whole world, I think. We may have daffys blooming in a few days...if it doesn't snow again. At least I don't feel compelled to do any gardening until the ground thaws.