Friday, 30 April 2010

April showers

It has been a typical April day of sunshine and showers. It was a beautiful morning and on my usual tour of the 'estate' with my first cuppa of the day I glanced up and saw a pair of swifts wheeling across the sky. I've been looking for them all week, they usually arrive here in the first weeks of May, so they are about on time. I haven't seen them since, but there will be more. The morning had another 'gift' for me, a parcel from my sister.  First I found this bag.

My sister lives on the Isle of Wight, and although in miles it is not very far to drive, only 100, it is considerably more when you add the hour on the ferry from Southampton, so  not only does it ages to get there, it is not cheap, I believe pound per mile the Solent is one of the most expensive expanses of water in the WORLD! So we exchange lots of e mails, phone calls and parcels instead. At the beginning of the year she said she was going to send a package each month - this is  the May one!  Inside the bag I found this rather lovely box, full of lace...
The box lid is covered with dyed pelmet vilene as are the forget-me-not flowers, with felt leaves, and stitched on beads and labels. Isn't is beautiful? 
Janet and I have been conducting a 'Frances Pickering correspondence  course' between us since I went to her workshop and Janet has been trying to work from her book.

The box also contained....
some vintage buttons and threads and....

vintage flower and vegetable labels.
I am sure you wish she was your sister too, but hands off, she's mine!

Now for a 'shower' after all this sunshine. I was sitting in the conservatory this afternoon when there was a great kerfuffle on the roof and our blackbird was to be seen diving at a magpie. Mrs Blackbird was seen emerging from the shrubbery followed by the magpie with one of her eggs in its beak. It's nature I know, but sad all the same. We seem to have more magpies than blackbirds. 

But a pretty shot to end with, I only wish I could post the scent of apple blossom,

This tree has been known to  have only three apples on it, we should do better this year
(it's a russet).
Wishing you all a great May Bank Holiday weekend.

PS. May calendar ready - posting soon


Amelia said...

what a lovely idea! And strangely my sister makes bags similar to this too!

Sounds like a nice day touching base with nature. I watered my garden today amongst a shower and rescued a pansy from a slug - hhhmmmm!

I like the idea of sending a package a month - especially one that inspires creativity and doing!


marigold jam said...

Lucky you! I CAN almost smell the perfume from your photo - here in Somerset I am looking forward to seeing the orchards ablaze with blossom very soon!

Poor mother blackbird - life is very cruel sometimes isn't it?

Jane x

Leenie said...

It is certainly cheering to see the birds return. A very fine package you received from your sis. A pkg a month would help keep you from letting days slide by without contact of some sort. The apple blossoms are superb. We are probably a month away from such beauty. Interesting you have russet apples. Here in Idaho the Russet Potato is king.

Barb Cady said...

Love your blog and love your sister too! What a great present. I exchange monthly projects and ATC's with my bestest mate Sally, it makes the month start off so well! Hope you have a lovely bank holiday too.
Luv Barb

Sandra Hall said...

A lovely treat for you there Jill! And that apple blossom shot is lovely...I love this time of year when all the blossom is out.
I've inherited Auntie Glad's sewing machine - its an all singing all dancing one, although more than 20 years old... so I shall be avidly watching your blog for sewing ideas and tips!

flutterbycrafter said...

What a lovely idea to receive a parcel each month and what goodies are in the parcels, yes, you are lucky to have a sister like that. If you get fed up with her, give her my address please, lol.

Janet said...

I know you will all agree that it is me who is the lucky one - the giving works both ways and at the risk of a sentimentality overdose, we have been there for each other through thick and thin and especially when the 'thin' has been greater than the 'thick'! I'm planning a few days at the Third Age Musing HQ in July, so I think we must all have sympathy for Mr T!

With great affection to all Jill's followers (she's my big sis, so I've always been a follower!)


Chrissie said...

Thanks for 'sharing' your sis! I love the idea of a parcel a month - keeps the creative juices flowing!

Menopausal musing said...

Isn't is just wonderful to get parcels? Your sister sends such lovely stuff..... :O)

Printed Material said...

I wish I had a sister like yours. I'd love to send and receive treats like these every month. I love my brother to bits but he'd be sending car parts and fishing lures and I'm not into those in a big way. That bag is so lovely. What a lucky girl you are ! Lesley