Wednesday, 4 November 2009


There's calm in your eye

This picture started so differently, I wish I'd scanned it before I started reworking it this morning.  Last week I was listening to Neil Young's 'Like a Hurricane', one of my all time favourites, and I had an urge to make a picture to show how it made me feel. 

I started with a magazine photograph of Alexandra Burke and I was struck by her eyes,  so a drew a more or less straight copy, and placed in on a painted and collaged background, but it wasn't doing it for me. So I let it sit.

THEN... Lesley from PRINTED MATERIAL  posted me a comment AND on her inspirational site I found this: 
  Here are a couple of Hans Silvester's amazing photographs.

I find these images so beguiling, at the moment I am having to have a daily fix.
So my piece of work was reborn, also taking inspiration from my photographs of thistles for the spiky headdress.

So this morning 'Alexandra' got a coat of white gesso and a whole new hairstyle!
I hope you enjoy sharing my though processes!!
I have come quite a way from my original visualisation - thanks Neil (and Lesley)


marigold jam said...

How creative - love it. I absolutely adore that last but one photo - now wouldn't that cause a stir in Sainsbury's!! She is so beautiful though isn't she and clever of you to incorporate those ideas into your picture too. I did enjoy sharing your thought processes - it is always interesting to see how and why an artist reaches his/her finished product.

And as ever that lovely marmalade cat to greet me on checking out your blog - he is really something too.


Leenie said...


Eileen said...

Wonderful stuff Jill - really inspirational. thanks for sharing.

WrightStuff said...

Lovely to see how your inspiration led you on this particular art journey. It's such a striking piece - I said "Wow!" when it popped up on screen. I've seen those photos - they are incredible aren't they - so much creativity!

Menopausal musing said...

Jill! I cannot believe this....... Just before my old laptop died, I thought I would transfer articles/photos onto an external hard drive. Today I found this post of yours and it has made me reach for the hard drive and there it is, an article about these same people and some beautiful photos of them........ I had scanned them from The Saturday Telegraph (I think!) because I loved them sooooooo much. I thought I had an e mail address for you, but haven't (or have somehow "lost it"), otherwise I would have sent you it. Lovely work, by the way.......

Menopausal musing said...

Hopefully this might get you the article, I just found it on the internet, but it only gives one photo as opposed to the two or three page spread in the original magazine. However, it does give an insight to the tribe and how they apply their face adornments etc.

Cathy :O)

Printed Material said...

Wow Jill, this is great work and I'm so glad I posted that video. I'm going to look at that Telegraph article too as I've become fascinated by the Omo.
I love the way you've used the source material and made it your own. If you're interested in collage like this, Teesha Moore has just put a number of videos on you tube at the weekend. Whilst I don't always 'get' her stuff it's interesting to see how other people work and hear their thought processes in the creation of their art. Some of her collage ideas in her journals strike a chord and might be interesting for you in the light of your own interest in journaling. Lesley

Grammy said...

Hi Jill, that is beautiful! I love how you hid the car at the top too. I have not reached this skill as yet. I enjoyed the video too. It is amazing how creative they are. Have a wonderful week.

thekathrynwheel said...

I love love love your painting. I came back for a second look (I left a comment already but I don't see it here, I must have missed something!) How did you do the hair? Is it collaged? This painting is so vibrant and colourful, it just 'pops'! Kate

Jill said...

Thanks so much for the comments - they mean a lot to me. Kate her hair and beads are collage from magazines plus some acrylic paint as nothing else seems to take to glossy pages.