Sunday, 5 July 2009

Final Assignment, next selection

Here are the next group of pictures I am considering for my final landscape assignment. They are all of netting used in gardening and the photographs are about light as well as the gardeners' struggle to protect their crops.
This black netting sparkled in the late afternoon sun making it look like a spiderweb covered with dew.

Here the CD hung on the netting as a bird scarer is reflecting the fruit.
This early morning view shows the netting layers and the garden beyond.

Here a fine mesh is draped over the crop giving a clouded view of the leaves.
In this final shot there are water droplets and dead leaves as well as the sunlight caught in the mesh.


Vana said...

Those are beautiful.

Eileen said...

I do think these are lovely pictures and a really interesting theme. I love the light playing through and around the netting.