Wednesday, 27 May 2009

OCA Photography 2: Landscape - Assignment 3: Ten photographs with a common theme

Tracks and Pathways
For this Assignment students have to choose their own linking theme. As I finished the previous assignment I was pretty certain what mine would be. For most people in urban Britain the countryside is accessed through the network of public pathways that cause so much controversy between rambles and landowners. Although I did not want to enter this debate I did want to record the way we use the countryside and leave our mark in the form of tracks and pathways. I was also researching which photographer to study for my critical review and was drawn to Fay Godwin. More about her later. She photographed the British countryside in black and white and recorded human interaction and influence on the landscape in everyway. So, influenced by her work, and wanting a different challenge I decided to make this project in black and white. I had photographs taken over several months as some were contenders for the 1 Acre assignment. In making my selection the graphic quality of the composition was a strong influence. Overall I was pleased with the selection, and it is always interesting how my tutor seemed favour some of the shots I liked the least. This was the first assignment I shot in RAW format. I worked on most of the images in Photoshop Elements cropping, adjusting levels and using dodge and burn. Here are the photographs, all linked to my flickr postings.

Tracks and pathways 1
The Hay Meadow

Tracks and pathways 2
The Curved Path

Tracks and pathways 5
Over the Hill

just a sprinkle...
Footprints in the Snow

diagonal path
Fence and Path

puddled path
Puddled Path

lone walker - final edit
The Lone Walker

Tracks and pathways 3 (edited)
The Undulating Field

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